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Basic and application-oriented research on the importance of individual nutrients, food supplements, certain foods and entire forms of nutrition for health and performance as well as the prevention and therapy of nutrition-associated diseases. One focus of the research focus is the investigation of bioavailability and metabolism of nutrients (especially omega-3 fatty acids) as well as the influence of nutrients and secondary plant substances (especially polyphenols and glucosinolates) from foods and plant extracts on the physical and mental health of healthy and the sick people. Methodologically, these questions are examined in nutriphysiological studies as well as randomized and placebo-controlled intervention studies. By means of epidemiological cross-sectional studies, connections between the nutrient status and various markers for health and disease are examined.


  • Food, nutrients, alternative nutrition, nutrition-associated diseases, nutrient status, nutrient bioavailability, omega-3 fatty acids, oxylipins, secondary plant substances, glucosinolates, nutritional studies, intervention studies, epidemiological cross-sectional studies