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Prof. Dr.  Benjamin Felix Burkhard

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    Burkhard, B. F.

    25 Apr 202124 Oct 2021

    Project: Research

  2. ECOSEO: Ecosystemic Services Observatory of the Guiana Shield

    Burkhard, B. F. & Sieber, I. M.

    1 Mar 20196 Oct 2021

    Project: Research

  3. MAIA: Mapping and Assessment for Integrates Ecosystem Accounting

    Burkhard, B. F. & Campagne, C. S.

    1 Nov 201831 Oct 2022

    Project: Research

  4. ESMERALDA: Enhancing ecosystem services mapping

    Burkhard, B. F., Sieber, I. M., Kuhn, T., Steinhoff-Knopp, B. & Rendon Cardona, P. M.

    1 Feb 201531 Jul 2018

    Project: Research