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Here, you will find information about my research activities in the field of computational, multi-physics, inelastic modeling, and simulation of heterogeneous and anisotropic materials, with a particular focus on composites, whether they are synthetic or natural. My work primarily revolves around the non-linear finite element method, where I develop, combine, and implement various methodologies to study materials across different length scales.

One of my key areas of expertise lies in constitutive modeling, where I develop mathematical models to describe the behavior of complex materials under different loading conditions. These models capture the intricate interactions between the constituents of the material and provide insights into their mechanical response.

In addition to constitutive modeling, I also specialize in multi-scale modeling, which involves bridging the gap between the microscopic and macroscopic behaviors of materials. By incorporating information from multiple length scales, I aim to accurately capture the overall material behavior and predict its response under various conditions.

Static failure and fatigue damage analysis are other important aspects of my research. I investigate the failure mechanisms of materials and develop methods to assess their durability and remaining useful life. Understanding how materials degrade and fail under different loading conditions is crucial for designing reliable and safe structures.

Furthermore, I have a keen interest in crashworthiness, where I study the energy absorption characteristics of materials and structures during impact events. By analyzing the response of composites under high strain rates and extreme loading conditions, I aim to enhance the crashworthiness of various applications, such as automotive and aerospace structures.

To complement my expertise in computational mechanics, I have recently delved into the exciting field of machine learning. I explore the integration of machine learning algorithms with computational mechanics techniques to enhance material modeling, simulation, and optimization. This combination opens up new avenues for accelerating the design process and discovering novel material properties and behaviors.

Lastly, I have a growing interest in 3D printing technology and its applications in material engineering. By leveraging the capabilities of additive manufacturing, I explore new possibilities in fabricating complex geometries and tailoring material properties. This research direction offers opportunities to optimize material performance and develop innovative structures that were previously unattainable.

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