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Institute of Applied Mathematics

Organisational unit: Institute

Type of address: Visitor address.
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  1. Parallelrechner

    Beuchler, S.

    6 Aug 201831 Dec 2019

    Project: Research

  2. Turbulent Behaviour of Compressible Flows

    Wiedemann, E. F.

    1 Jan 201831 Aug 2018

    Project: Research

  3. ViVaCE: International Research Training Group 1627/1: Virtual Materials and Structures and their Validation

    Wriggers, P., Behrens, B., Escher, J., Hirschberger, C. B., Löhnert, S., Nackenhorst, U., Rolfes, R. & Schaper, M.

    1 Oct 201030 Apr 2015

    Project: Research