Silicone lenses with variable focus



Date made available2024
PublisherOpen Research Knowledge Graph (ORKG)
Contact personArved Ziebehl


This comparison lists literature of tunable solid body lenses made of highly transparent silicone (polydimethylsiloxane, PDMS). It compares their mechanical and optical properties. The lenses present in the studies are mainly deformed in radial direction / equatorial plane; studies investigating axial deformation are listed as well. The deformation causes a change of lens curvature and results in a shift of focal length. Here, "pull"-deformation was assigned a positive strain and "push"-deformation a negative one. This leads to increasing or decreasing focal lengths, and thus the relative focal length change takes on positive of negative signs, respectively. Incomplete research data provided in the studies was derived manually and commented accordingly in the comparison.

Research Area (based on ÖFOS 2012)