Non-linear models for hydrogels diffusion-deformation



  • Jorge-Humberto Urrea-Quintero (Creator)
  • Michele Marino (Creator)
  • Thomas Wick (Creator)
  • Udo Nackenhorst (Creator)


Date made available2024
PublisherForschungsdaten-Repositorium der LUH


This is the code repository associated with the paper: 'A Comparative Analysis of Transient Finite-Strain Coupled Diffusion-Deformation Theories for Hydrogels.' All simulations require the FEniCS package. A Dockerfile and docker-compose.yaml are included. To reproduce all results, you will need to install Docker and build the Docker image. Please cite as: Urrea-Quintero JH, Marino M, Wick T, et al (2024) A comparative analysis of transient finite-strain coupled diffusion-deformation theories for hydrogels. Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering –:50.