Parking lot locations and utilization samples in the Hannover Linden-Nord area from LiDAR mobile mapping surveys

Dataset: DatensatzDataset



Datum der Bereitstellung23 Okt. 2023
Herausgeber (Verlag)Forschungsdaten-Repositorium der LUH
Datum der Datenproduktion22 Sept. 2022 - 6 Okt. 2022
AnsprechpersonOskar Wage


The data set contains the locations of public roadside parking spaces in the northeastern part of Hanover Linden-Nord. As a sample data set, it explicitly does not provide a complete, accurate or correct representation of the conditions! It was collected and processed as part of the 5GAPS research project on September 22nd and October 6th 2022 as a basis for further analysis and in particular as input for simulation studies.


  • Parkplatz, Parkplatzauslastung, Parkplatzbelegung