What topics do preservice teachers focus on in peer coaching dialogues? Results of a pilot study.

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Name der VeranstaltungEARLI 2023
Datum22 Aug. 202326 Aug. 2023
OrtUniversity of Macedonia, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
BekanntheitsgradInternationale Veranstaltung

25 Aug. 2023


Peer coaching is increasingly recognized as an opportunity for preservice teachers (PSTs) to learn about planning and teaching (Lu, 2010), without the guidance of an expert. Previous findings report positive effects of peer coaching regarding competence development as well as motivation and self-efficacy of PST (summarized by Lu, 2010). In contrast, some studies criticize that PSTs do neither have the necessary skills to appropriately analyze lessons or lesson plans nor to give effective feedback based on this analysis (Oven, 2004). Therefore, the aim of this intervention is to provide effective communication and feedback strategies as well as assistance in setting focus areas when analyzing and discussion lesson plans.

In the study, which will be presented at the conference, we focus on two areas: 1) we analyzed the themes focused on in simulated peer coaching dialogues by preservice teachers prior to the intervention and 2) evaluated their reflective analysis before and after the intervention to explore the extent to which changes regarding the awareness of general as well as genre-specific communication strategies took place. 13 audiotaped peer coaching dialogues were transcribed and analyzed using qualitative content analysis; initial results indicate three key themes. Additionally, the reflective analysis of their peer coaching dialogues before and after the intervention were evaluated. The results indicate changes regarding the awareness of general communication and feedback strategies.