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Datasets (12)

  1. Geodata of the area suitability calculation of the project Vision:En 2040 PLUS

    Wagenfeld, J. (Creator), Thiele, J. (Creator), Schmedes, D. (Creator) & von Haaren, C. (Creator), Forschungsdaten-Repositorium der LUH, 19 Oct 2023


  2. Social norms and climate-friendly behavior of adolescents

    Koessler, A. (Creator) & Vorlaufer, T. (Related Person), Center for Open Science, 18 Feb 2022


  3. Areas with low and medium spatial vulnerability to a prototype wind turbine

    Thiele, J. (Creator), Wiehe, J. (Creator) & Von Haaren, C. (Creator), Forschungsdaten-Repositorium der LUH, 19 Jul 2021


  4. Dataset on wild flora diversity and associated yield and agri-environmental information of legume field trials in the Mediterranean

    Vollheyde, A. (Creator), Navarro, D. R. (Creator), de los Mozos Pascual, M. (Creator), Ramírez, M. C. A. (Creator), Sikora, S. (Creator), Rajnović, I. (Creator), Hammami, I. (Creator), Trabelsi, D. (Creator) & von Haaren, C. (Creator), Forschungsdaten-Repositorium der LUH, 2024


  5. Dataset on involved actors and their roles in the governance of innovative contracts for agri-environmental and climate schemes

    Sattler, C. (Creator), Barghusen, R. (Creator), Bredemeier, B. (Creator), Dutilly, C. (Creator) & Prager, K. (Creator), Zenodo, 2023


  6. Dataset for review on innovative contracts for the promotion of biodiversity and ecosystem services in agricultural management: contract design and governance characteristics

    Bredemeier, B. (Creator), Rex, J. (Creator), Sattler, C. (Creator), van Bussel, L. (Related Person), Herrmann, S. (Related Person), Prager, K. (Related Person), Dutilly, C. (Related Person), Dodsworth, J. (Related Person), Zagorska, K. (Related Person), Deijl, L. (Related Person), Barghusen, R. (Related Person), Espinosa Diaz, S. (Related Person) & Defrijn, S. (Related Person), Zenodo, 27 Sept 2021